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E&F is a one-stop, full-service end-to-end solution for all of your construction needs.  Unlike other companies, we have the ability to manage every phase of a project including the management of commercial contractors and subcontractors.

Every crew is led by an experienced supervisor or foreman and our crew members are tenured and comprised of skilled carpenters and tradesmen who produce exceptional work and meet deadlines on time every time.  We are proud to say we have never been late on a project.

From full commercial buildouts to painting and drywall and everything in between, E&F utilizes innovative approaches, couples that with the highest quality of work, which results in exceptional projects!

We have skillful general commercial contractors onboard provide to provide premium facility maintenance services. We have incredibly high standards as does everyone on our team.  We aren’t happy until our clients are completely satisfied!

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E & H Contracting - Commercial General Contractors


EF Contracting - Commercial Construction

E&F Contracting Inc - NCB Building

E&F Contracting was called upon to complete a variety of work to prepare for the construction of this new 1,600,000 square foot building.


The work included but was not limited to; temporarily moving office spaces onto an existing parking garage deck using doublewide trailers.


E&F constructed two mobile complexes for JHH staff. One trailer complex consisted of JHH design and construction team for the NCB building. The other trailer complex was for top executives and managers at JHH.


The John Hopkins Hospital

Type Of Work

Commercial General Contracting


1,600,000 Square Feet

Year Completed


Towards the end of the newly constructed building, E&F renovated newly constructed areas throughout the new 12-story patient towers. E&F assisted Clark Construction to insure the ribbon cutting ceremony would remain on schedule.

JHH has grown to trust E&F Contracting, due to the tireless efforts and unique ability to complete what seemed to be impossible tasks. JHH provided E&F a command center within the new building to over see daily operations of our work force. Day after day, E&F completed every task JHH provided us the opportunity to show our abilities.

EF Contracting - Commercial Construction

E&F Contracting Inc - Wyman Park Building

E&F Completed (4) separate projects in the Wyman Park building, in 2019, with relatively the same scope.


Kevin Steinhice was the project manager for all (4) of the projects.


On every E&F job site, you will find an experienced supervisor. All of our experienced supervisors have been with us for 15 or more years.


Wyman Parkk Building

Type Of Work

Commercial General Contracting


1,700-5,200 Square Feet

Year Completed


In April, E&F began the interior renovations of the Wyman 3rd Floor North . This project was primarily electric, acoustical ceilings, flooring, data, patch and paint. The project was completed in phases, due to occupied areas. E&F made it a point to keep a clean, safe jobsite for occupants, and it was noted by all.

In May of 2019, E&F began a 4,800 square foot interior renovation on Wyman 1st Floor Swing Space. The full home renovation required gutting of the existing lay out. E&F was the general contractor on this project, and oversaw the project from start to finish. Substantial completion for this project was met, even after the end user gave us additional items to be completed which involved long lead times.

In July, E&F completed another interior renovation within the Wyman Building. This project was primarily a patch and paint, with minimal demo work.

In October 2019, E&F began demoing Wyman 196 Computer Classroom. This project was required to be completed within 10 weeks. E&F oversaw and manage this project to perfection, and the client was beyond thrilled with E&F as a company.

E&F is a trusted contractor at Johns Hopkins University, due to our efficient ability to complete projects on time.

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