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Mortar Repairs - Tuckpointing - Baltimore MD & Washington DC

We offer tuckpointing services to repair mortar joints on your home, chimney, cement block, or another surface that needs mortar replaced. Mortar is key to keeping your block work in great shape so if you have mortar that is coming loose, crumbling, or slowly deteriorating, we can help repair those joints and prolong the life of your building.

Often times when a foundation shifts, the mortar joints in blockwork gets damaged. Some people elect to hold off on foundation repairs due to expense. In those cases, it's still important to at least seal the cracks so water does not get in and cause more damage to the structure than the foundation shift already has.

Tuckpointing allows us to help seal out water than can cause damage to your builds drywall, framing, electrical and more. Depending on the extent of damage you have it may also be a good idea to have your foundation examined as well to prevent future problems.

Mortar and Tuckpointig Repair Baltimore
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