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Considered more advanced than our standard commercial concrete raising and residential concrete raising, Deep foam injection is the process of injecting polyurethane foam deep beneath the surface to increase the grounds' load-bearing capacity.


Deep Foamjection during concrete lifting can repair unstable soils to provide a stronger foundation to slabs and structures that have settled. Polyurethane foam is injected and follows the path of least resistance and will fill the weakened areas. Deep Foamjection is a permanent repair as the foam never changes shape or absorbs groundwater.

Deep Foam Injection - Soil Stabilization

Deep FoamJection can be used for many different applications from general soil stabilization to seawall repair, foundation repair, basement repair, raising and stabilizing highways and bridges, and much more. 

Foam Injection has been use on international airport runways its so strong and stable!

Deep Foam Injection - Soil Stabilization

Regarding basements and pools, deep foam injection is a much better option as it weighs 1/50th of the weight of older mudjacking options. This is extra weight that then bears down and pushes on your basement, foundation, or pool shell creating the potential for more problems down the road. 

The decreased weight on your structure is a HUGE benefit!

Polylevel vs mudjacking - concrete level
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Deep Foam Injection - Soil Stabilization
Deep Foam Injection - Soil Stabilization
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