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Sidewalk - Concrete Raising & Leveling Baltimore MD & Washington DC

Your sidewalk is one of the most commonly walked on surfaces on your property. So much so that many municipalities require you to maintain the sidewalk which keeps it safe for people to walk on.


Even if your local laws do not require you to maintain the sidewalk keeping a safe walkway for people is important. Not only can our concrete raising & leveling system keep your sidewalk safe but it also helps keep your property looking great! 


Homes with a nice manicured driveway and sidewalk have significantly more curb appeal than say a home with a sidewalk and driveway that is very uneven.


Our Quick Level poly concrete raising & leveling system gives you safe and beautiful concrete again at less than half the cost of replacement. Not only that but our concrete leveling system lasts years.


The poly injected below the concrete is specifically designed for the concrete raising & leveling industry leaving behind a rigid, closed-cell, foam that does not deteriorate.


If you have sidewalks that need to be raised & leveled out give us a call and set up an appointment to receive a free estimate today!


Concrete Sidewalk lifting Baltimore & Washington DC
Contact us for a FREE estimate!
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