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CASE STUDY: Carroll County Public Schools - Sidewalk Trip Hazards


Sidewalks on the perimeter of the county schools’ parking lots had

sunken up to 2” next to the curb. Students and faculty members had to

watch their steps carefully anytime they entered or exited the building

daily due to the serious trip hazards present. This was a major liability

for the school that needed to be resolved.

Maryland Concrete Leveling - Maryland Concrete Raising - Maryland Concrete Lifting - Baltimore Concrete Repair - E & F Contracting
Shiloh Middle School - Hampstead, MD


E&F Contracting, Inc injected polyurethane foam beneath the existing

sidewalk slabs. E&F was able to raise, level, and stabilize the sidewalks

without the need for demolition and replacement at four county

schools so far this season. E&F provided a cost-effective solution that

saved the taxpayers and CCPS a large amount of money. Work was

completed in 1-2 days at each school and foam injection was able to

take place during arrival and dismissal of students as we did not interfere

with the schools operation.

Baltimore Concrete Raising - Baltimore Concrete Leveling - Baltimore Concrete Lifting - Maryland Concrete Repair
Century High School - Sykesville, MD


E&F Contracting Incorporated was contracted by Carroll County Public

Schools Facilities Department in 2021 to raise, level, and stabilize sidewalks

at many schools throughout the county. The State of Maryland

Inspection Board determined several schools violated ADA guidelines.

The ADA act of 1990 states that any vertical change greater than a ¼”

is considered a trip hazard. To eliminate these hazards, E&F injected

polyurethane foam to raise and level the concrete walkways for

students, faculty members, and the community. With the public school

system being on a strict budget, E&F’s method of raising and leveling

their concrete sidewalks saved them approximately 70% of the cost of



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