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CASE STUDY: Gamber & Community Fire Company - Sunken & Unstable Concrete Outdoor Stage


Gamber & Community Fire Company’s outdoor carnival stage was sinking

in due to the settlement of the soils beneath. The concrete stage

had begun to crack and cave inward with 5” voids below. This resulted

in a hazard to the community, department, and band members. The

stage needed to be repaired before the carnival to allow for safe usage

of the main event stage. The department wanted to save time and

money in repairs by avoiding the need to demo three walls, the roof, and

the concrete stage.

Sinking Concrete Repair - Sunken Concrete Slab Maryland - Uneven Concrete Baltimore - Concrete Leveling - Concrete Lifting - Concrete Raising
Sinking Concrete Carnival Stage - Finksburg, MD


E&F Contracting, inc. proposed concrete raising as a solution to raise

and level the stage. E&F injected polyurethane foam into the 30’ x 15’

stage using incremental injections of foam. E&F was able to fill the large

voids completely beneath the slab before raising, leveling, and stabilizing

the slab permanently.

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E & F Contracting - Concrete Carnival Stage Repair - Finksburg, MD


Gamber & Community Fire Co. Chief reached out with concerns about

the structural integrity of the concrete stage. With the summer carnival

approaching, it was important to make the repairs in a timely matter.

Additionally, being a volunteer fire company, it was as important to

make a budget-friendly repair. E&F was able to raise, level, & stabilize

the stage utilizing polyurethane foam injection. This repair method eliminated

the need to demo the walls, roof, and stage. Work was completed

in one day before the carnival season approached.


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